Now in La Graciosa after a non expected kind of trip!!!

26 October 2009

Hisse et oh!

After a couple months away from the boat, I came back in Tenerife at the end of september. After a month working on the boat doing maintenance - I have also enjoyed the the 33degree air and 24degree sea in October - it is now time to put the sails up.

I fixed the sails, sanded all the external wood bits and applied oil de teca wood, done a normal diesel engine maintenance and got together all products to paint the hull. Thanks Pascal, Kiwi, Helmut, Raul, Saul, Armiche and Jose for your help.

We will be leaving Las Galletas in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.

The destination : where the wind take us, that would be carribean! so not really. Lets see that soon...

We are going with 2 "patron de embarcacion de recreacion" and Nico a French guy I met in Las Galletas who does not know anything about cruse sailing, but he is a good chef!

02 April 2009

Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

The trip idea

Before I left Brighton, Olivier told me that if I was buying a sailing boat, he was going to flight here to sail together... We both made it!

With 2 French friends from Brighton and Tortsen.

Vincent, alias Vince

We are not sure where he comes from ! He loves Paris but spent his teenager (he is still) time in Nantes. I met him in Brighton through Noemie.

Olivier alias Oliv

Originally from Britanny the well known French sailors region, I met him in one of those Brighton Pub through Vince. He sails since he is young with his parents and also teached sailing to kids back in France. He now works in Brighton. I especially now him well for loving drinking Pastis. Not being able to drink this beverage in UK he keeps the alcools balance in his body drinking even more beers ! I would make a big loss if I was not mentioning the fac the lived in the baggies backpackers for one year. Bear it it mind….

Little story

Walking around Mogan's harbour we met Joe, a girl he used to live with in the Baggies packpackers. She was working on a boat. She introduced us to Simon, the boat's skipper who came the following day onboard to sail with Oliv and I. We spent the rest of our week with them.

We have not got many photos from this trip, the only camera onboard during this trip went capout very early

16 March 2009

Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

on the way back from La Gomera we sailed down the western coast of Tenerife

Same album as La Gomera, (starting just after the tatoo photo)

13 March 2009

La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain

About the trip

It has been three weeks now since I moved on the Chavelazo in the Marina del Sur of Las Galletas, it is now time to put the sails up. One evening I invited two friends on the boat to talk about my wish of going to La Gomera in the next couple days. Two days later we were on the sailing boat for a learning time on the boat wich appeared to be a sportive boat full of caracter. (a ex-boat’s owner freind said earlier that it was a good thing that this boat was going to be handed by a young person…)

The first idea was to go for two days, sleeping in La Gomera and coming back straight away the next day. Quickly it came up as an idea almost impossible and also stupid… Indeed, what a shame to go there coming back the next day without having done any visit. We would have not discovered anything about this mythic Island where Christopher Colomb used to come frequently. Before we left we finally planed to go on a 3 day basis.

Once there, we understood that the trip will definitley last longer than 3 days… In total we travelled for seven days discovering Tenerife West coast on the way back to Las Galletas.

With 2 German friends from Camping Nauta


Met in the camping Nauta where I stayed during my first weeks in Tenerife, this 38 years old German guy has been travelling for many years. During a little cathering in the camping we talked about the fact I was buying a sailing boat. In the mean while he told me he had a lisence for spanish flag. (what a luck the one I am looking at as a spanish flag too). However, he has a very little experience. He helped me a lot while I moved from camping to the Marina and still now. A good shap !


This twice older man than me this year comes from the East Berlin. He lived in Berlin during the wall time. The high level sport gave him the liberty keys. I also met the sun hunter in the camping Nauta. My neighbour on the campsite, he will quickly become my trip mate. We mainly made an unforgetable trecking on the Teide _ Tenerife, hightest point of Spain wich reaches 3718m above the sea level. He is very keen on on this trip idea, he is actually looking for a boat for sale. He intends to buy a boat and live in the Canary Islands.

Little story

During our stay in the Marina of San sebastian (the capital), Helmut flashed on a 8m catamaran for sale. It is now his boat and it is next to Chavelazo in Las Galletas!

07 March 2009

Camping onboard

If you have not got the luck to sleep in the master bedroom which gives you a sky view from the bed, you can still do like Helmut. This “belle etoile” lover made it; he pumped up his inflatable for a night with the stars!